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It’s a place everyone likes to be. Whether studying, hanging out, working or hoping for a second date, Mud House is home for coffee (and tea) lovers.

If you’ve never been to Mudhouse the selection might seem overwhelming. The good news is you really can’t go wrong. That’s because the coffee here is roasted in small batches so it’s fresh every time you order.

Not in the mood for frozen coffee? Enjoy a fantastic real fruit smoothie that’s actually good for you. Real fruit and juice (maybe a little nonfat yogurt). That’s it. No twelve-syllable ingredients here. And these smoothies are actually smooth. Not runny, not quicksand. Just pure yummy goodness.

Okay, so what about the hot drinks? Really, it’s best to just start from the top and come back every day until you find a favorite. Or, just order the sticky bun latte (cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel) and call it a day. A really good day.

Chai lovers should absolutely go for the tiger spiced chai latte. It’s sweet with just the right amount of spice. Speaking of tea, take your pick from the back wall (at the downtown location). There are shelves stacked with every flavor of loose-leaf tea imaginable. Take a whiff, pick your favorite and enjoy.

Beyond a tasty caffeine boost, Mudhouse serves up real sustenance for those craving a meal. Hearty, satisfying soups, fresh salads and scrumptious sandwiches appear daily on the Mudhouse menu. Hit your hunger spot by creating your own perfect sandwich or pairing your favorite menu items. As always, be sure to top off a meal with dessert (try the chocolate brownie cheesecake).

Mudhouse is about great, fresh (and fair trade) coffee. The atmosphere is fun and comfortable; the menu is unique and flavorful. When you think about it, vanilla lattes are everywhere. But only one place has the peanut butter puddle.


323 South Ave
Springfield, MO 65806
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Peanut Butter Puddle!
Peanut Butter Puddle!

When ordering, the first decision is hot or cold. If opting for cold, there’s no better choice than the peanut butter puddle. It’s like liquid dessert. No ice chunks, no sore cheeks trying to suck it through a straw. Just pure peanut butter perfection. Of course, you should like peanut butter. But, if you do, definitely order it. Then plan to come back tomorrow for another. (At this point you’ll be glad to know there are large, 24-ounce sizes available. And loyalty cards which will earn you a free drink after ten punches.)