Welcome to the KY3 WeatherSchool Forecast Contest

Jan 25, 2016
Dear Educators,

It is time once again for the annual KY3 WeatherSchool Forecasting Contest. Science can be a difficult subject for students to grasp. The contest is a fun learning tool to bring the subject of meteorology to life. The students will have an opportunity to put knowledge to work in a real time situation in a hands on way. We wish each of you the very best of luck.

The rules for the contest remain the same. We ask that each of you familiarize yourself with the rules before entering. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call. One reminder is that when school is not in session for any reason a forecast must still be entered. Teachers may do this from home so remember to write down your login and password information. If you do not have access to the internet at home please call 417-268-3246 as soon as possible leave us your name, team name, phone number login and password information as well as the forecast and we will enter it for you.

Finally, I want to announce that we have some great prizes this year. A huge thank you to Incredible Pizza sponsoring us this year. I also want to thank the Springfield Cardinals for again providing tickets to a game. Both of our major sponsors are huge supporters of education and I know the children will be motivated to earn these prizes!

Sunny Skies,

The KY3 Stormteam
Feb 03, 2016
This year we would love to see a picture of your class and post them to our website. Email a picture to rhearst@ky3.com and we will post this so we will all know who we are forecasting against. Be creative, make a sign with your team name or favorite types of weather. We look forward to seeing all of you.

This year's grand prize is a Pizza Party from Incredible Pizza Company -
includes pizza buffet and $20 play card for each student in the winning class!