Welcome to the KY3 WeatherSchool Forecast Contest

Jan 20, 2015
Dear Teachers,

Once again it is time for the KY3 Weatherschool Forecasting Contest. The Storm Team is looking forward to another challenging forecast year. The winter has been snowy and cold this year and who knows what February will bring? Whatever the weather we know that it is always a learning expeience

Here are a few very important rules to take note of, remember to write down or print off you user ids and passwords for your classes. This will go a long way to making things run smooth the first few days. If for any reason school is out (snow day, holiday) you must either log on and enter a forecast for your class or call us and leave a message and we can do that for you.

Meteorology is a great subject that you can use as a tie in to other subjects. Teachers tell us they use the contest in a number of ways from graphing to writing about a favorite type of weather. Math, science and social studies can all be centered around one topic to enhance learning and make school fun. Be creative and let us know how you use the contest to benefit your class. Good luck, we look forward to testing our skills with your class.

Finally we have some great prizes again this year. The Springfield Cardinals continue to show fantastic support for education and we are pleased to be able to offer tickets to the winning class. Knowing when to take shelter is very important to save lives and KY3 is once again donating a weather radio. Weather is an awesome subject to study and we have made that easier with several of our prizes.

Drop us a line and let us know how things are going we would love to hear how you are making the contest fun or ideas you have for the future.

Best Wishes,

The KY3 Storm Team