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Contest Rules

KY3 WeatherSchool Forecasting Contest Official Rules

  1. The contest is open to any school both public and private along with homeschoolers located in the KY3 viewing area.
  2. The contest is to be done as a class project.
  3. Any number of classes can be signed up by a single instructor.
  4. Teachers are responsible for recording and remembering all passwords and user ids.
  5. Each class may only enter a forecast once each day.
  6. A forecast day is from midnight to midnight.
  7. The forecast is to be for the following day (i.e. a forecast entered on Monday should be for Tuesday's conditions).
  8. Forecasts are to be entered on Monday through Friday only (DO NOT TRY AND ENTER A FORECAST ON THE WEEKEND).
  9. The contest runs for three consecutive weeks beginning on a Monday and ending on a Friday. See Start Date and End Date below.
  10. All forecasts are to be entered by 6pm.
  11. Forecasts are to be entered each day for the duration of the contest regardless of whether or not school is in session.
  12. In the event school is canceled due to inclement weather teachers may enter a forecast from home.
  13. In the event a forecast is not entered, the previous day's forecast will be used in its place.
  14. Scoring will be 1 point for each degree off on the high and low temperatures and 5 points for incorrect precipitation.
  15. Forecast are for the National Weather Serivice instruments located at the Springfield Branson National Airport.
  16. The climate report issued shortly after midnight will be used as the official verification results.
  17. The team with the lowest score at the end of the contest will be declared the winner.
  18. In case of a tie each of the teams tied will be placed in a hat and a single name withdrawn.
  19. In the precipitation category, any form of ice will be considered snow.
  20. Precipitation must accumulate to a depth of .01" to be counted.
  21. Trace amounts will not considered.
  22. The KY3 Stormteam will have the final say on all disputes2.
  23. Any prizes to be awarded are at the discretion of the KY3 Stormteam.

Start Date: Feb 03, 2020 | End Date: Feb 21, 2020